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08.09.2013 00:12 - A Bible of Friendship
Автор: kalinkamarinova Категория: Забавление   
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*Devoted to my very best friend who has a birthday today and who does not speak Bulgarian

  There are always people (very few in fact) who come unexpected and uninvited in our life exactly in the right moment and touch our soul and make a big difference in our whole being and existence. The trace they leave in our heart is the most precious gift that we receive from the Source or God and through these people we feel more connected to our real self and the divine at the same time. No matter whether we accept them as friends or enemies we suddenly recognize their power over us and our life and the respect comes naturally. If we try not to be subjective we realize that all our personal growth is due to the experience we have with such people and in this sense we cannot divide them into friends and enemies - they are our very best friends in fact. Once we realize this we come to the knowledge that everybody is our friend in a way or another. Then it comes the question ‘’If our personal growth is what we are responsible here on this Earth and if friends help us so much in it why friendship is so consciously ignored in our culture, literature, philosophy, arts, traditions…and everything is centered on love instead?” Maybe because The Bible is centered on love or maybe because we do not understand the essence of love correctly but the result is obvious, we somehow underestimate the great power of friendship. No dictionary can give us the complete notion of friendship therefore everybody has their personal idea of what friendship really is and the same is valid for love. The difference is that if you really want to centre your life on love there is a bible to teach you so, the Christ himself teaches us how but if you want to centre your life on friendship it seems there is nobody willing to teach us how. Finally we end up confused what friendship really is. In the most common sense it seems that friendship is like love without its passion. On the other hand true love, unconditional love, the one that Christ teaches us and which is the deepest and the most precious gift from God is deprived of passion also and in this sense it equals to friendship. Isn’t this the reason Christ to teach us to love our enemies? In a way they are not our enemies but our friends. Loving them transforms our negative energy into positive one, our human nature into divine one. How can an ordinary person put this into practice without understanding the true essence of friendship? How can we feel true, unconditional love, love that centers on the happiness of the other without experiencing true friendship? It seems that we cannot reach the state of unconditional love without understanding the nature of true friendship. Can we jump into the deep without learning how to swim? In fact we are all doing just this because we try to love without trying to be friends to each other. Instead of writing the Bible of Friendship we are rereading the Bible of Love and we feel more and more lost in it. It is like rereading the textbook of higher algebra without having the knowledge of numbers. It cannot really touch you because you are not able to understand it. In fact only unconditional love can make us happy and free as it is love without any expectations and where there are no expectations there is no disappointment, there is only full acceptance of the other. If you do not expect love in return, gratitude, physical presence, etc. from the person you love there is no way he/she to disappoint you and if there is no disappointment no negative energy can be created anywhere. Such feeling is free of negative energy so your life or the life of the person you love cannot be affected by this negative energy. In this way you are completely free as well as the person you love has their complete freedom. The energy of the complete freedom is the energy of love so the energy of love is the energy of happiness. And happiness is all that we pray for and hope for but we do not really believe in. Why we do not really believe in happiness? Because we do not believe we can be real free on this Earth. The reason we do not believe in freedom here is that we do not know how to be friends to each other. As we are blind in our hearts we see enemies everywhere and we are not able to see friends. The more enemies we see the tough our hearts become and the tough our hearts become the more enemies we see. That’s a vain circle, paragraph 22, a dead road that we call our Earthly path. Should it be so? Was this the God’s or the Universe’s plan for us? Is this the best we can do in our life? Can we reach the divine with this tough heart directly or we need a mediator in between? I believe we all need a true friend that can be our mediator to reach the divine as we cannot help it alone. Someone should warm our heart first and give us hope that true friendship and true love exist. Once the heart is full of hope it will open to the world and see more and more friends and less and less enemies while there is no enemy left at all. Then we will feel free and happy as we will know what true love feels like. We will be more spiritual beings and less material beings, we will be closer to the Source and to our true nature of light.   So, I have a dream. The Bible of Love has been given to us but it is so difficult for us to understand it not to mention to live accordingly. We need to have this Bible of Friendship first to help us understand. My dreams is all people to see that friendship is the core, the base, the starting point to happiness and to contribute to the writing of this Bible of Friendship. Maybe then we will have real democracy here on Earth instead of this ‘’so called’’ democracy that we have now even in the ‘’most democratic countries’’ in the world. If there was real democracy anywhere in the world then people there would have felt real free and happy. I do not believe such society exists. I do not believe friendship and love rule the world at any place in the Earth but I do believe God’s or the Universe’s plan about us was this. I do not believe that Hell and Paradise are physical places. I believe they are present inside us, both at once. Sometimes our inner state is Hell, sometimes it is Paradise. The more people live in their inner Hell, the more the global situation on the Earth looks like Hell and the opposite-the more people live in their inner Paradise, the more the situation on Earth will look like a Paradise. The more people accept friendship as their religion the more the situation on Earth will look like Paradise. Also if your inner state of soul is Hell you will see the life on Earth like Hell and the opposite. So it depends totally on us what kind of life we will create here-Hell or Paradise. When I look around I can see that more and more people want free world, a Paradise on Earth and they support different causes and means that they believe will end up in world peace and harmony, happiness for everybody. It gives me the hope that sooner or later my dream will come true and people will finally write the Bible of Friendship. I am sure that without my very best friend that has a birthday today and is physically far away from me I wouldn’t be so optimistic and full of hope. Therefore I am very grateful to him for making me a better person and giving me hope that I am finally not as lost as I had thought before knowing him. He inspired me to write all this despite of my lazy in its nature being as a birthday gift for him. So it makes him very, very special to me…a soul-mate…a Friend.   Now, there is nothing more to add but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND! BE HAPPY!



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